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Energy and energy security are always considered the foundation for the sustainable economic development of all countries and territories. Before the context of traditional energy sources is increasingly exhausted, environmental pollution is becoming more serious, while the level of electricity use is constantly increasing, making it difficult for countries to implement commitments. My conclusion on future health, environment and climate change. Therefore, the development of renewable energy is a matter of concern to the whole world, in which solar power is considered to be the solution to energy problems for all economies.

Vietnam has great potential for renewable energy, especially solar energy, with the best radiation intensity in the world; Total solar radiation ranges from 4.3-5.7kWh / m2. The average number of sunshine hours is recorded at a high level, about 2,000-2,600 hours / year in the Central Highlands and South Central Coast, … Therefore, the Government has specified by Decision No. 2068 / QD-TTg (25th day) November 2015) Approving “Vietnam’s renewable energy development strategy to 2030, vision to 2050”. This is also confirmed in the Electricity Plan VII adjusted when Vietnam aims to bring the total solar power capacity from insignificant as it is now to a higher level in the future. In addition, the goal of “Vietnam Green Development Strategy” (Decision 1393 / QD-TTg, 2012) is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage the use of renewable energy; Encourage green lifestyle and sustainable consumption.

In order to contribute to realizing that dream, Chau Thien Phu Manufactering & Exim Co., Ltd. (CTPSolar) was born with the goal of becoming one of the leading companies in the renewable energy industry in general and energy. the sun in particular.

Together with a team of highly skilled engineers, experts with many years of experience, diverse products, prestige, quality according to international standards, CTPSolar has promoted investment and developed energy solutions. practical, high economic value; enhance the ability to access modern, sustainable and reliable energy sources at reasonable prices for consumers; step by step increasing the proportion of solar energy in national energy production and consumption in order to reduce dependence on fossil energy sources, contributing to timely supply of energy for society and electricity saving. capacity, improve public health, respond to climate change, protect the environment and sustainably develop socio-economic.

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