ctpsolar - cac ho gia dinh ctpsolar - cac ho gia dinh

Solar power collectors, commonly referred to as solar panels, are widely used in the solar power industry, helping to convert sunlight (not heat, as many people believe). into direct current (DC power)

When saying solar panels have a capacity of 135Wp, ie the light reaches 1,000W / m2 (in good sunshine, no cloud cover, straight angle), the ambient temperature is 25OC, solar panels produce the current DC power has a capacity of 135W. This is also a good unit used to calculate unit prices. The database of the average amount of light of NASA meteorological stations is often used in the calculation of solar panels.

Accordingly, in Ho Chi Minh City, the annual average amount of sunlight is 5.20 kWh / day, in Hanoi 3.84 kWh / day, Danang is 4.88 kWh / day. So if your home in Ho Chi Minh City, when installing 1kWp solar panels, the average daily solar power system will generate 5.20 kWh of electricity. If your family uses electricity for 350 kWh / month, just install 3kWp solar power system which is enough (calculated losses on the equipment).

Solar panels have an area of ​​1m2 of capacity of 135-150Wp. So to install 1kWp, it needs an area of ​​about 8m2.

Package installation costs for systems used in small households and offices are VND 100-150 million / kWp (depending on the equipment used). In addition, the market also sells “kit” (including solar panels, chargers, batteries, LED bulbs … packed in a compact box) 20-25Wp for lighting only (2- 4 LEDs, cost about 2.7-3 million VND / set.

With a high initial installation cost, if your family is in the city with a national electricity grid, then consider thinking about replacing it completely with solar power.

Ideally, you only need to install a small system of 500-1000Wp, used for lighting, computers, televisions … Normally, you can save a significant amount of electricity every month, contributing to environmental protection.