điện năng lượng mặt trời

Solar power is a project that provides electricity for daily life, science, technology, research … by solar energy. Currently, this project is being invested and developed rapidly in many countries around the world. The use of solar power for remote areas will bring outstanding benefits:

The number of sunny hours and heat here is very large every year. So energy can be stored for use throughout the year.
Solar power is an endless source of energy and is completely free. Using solar energy not only helps to protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions … but also extremely safe for users.
Using solar power to provide and improve living standards for families without the national grid system.
Applying solar power to education and medicine sectors to improve people’s intellectual standards as well as health for people.
Use solar power to use for the purpose of exploiting and developing economic potentials.
The installation costs are relatively cheap and durable over the years. Less affected by the weather, thus saving maintenance and repair costs regularly.