All-aluminum Ground Mount System IV

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Khung giá đỡ tấm pin NLMT - Ground Mount System

All-aluminum Ground Mount System IV


★ Product use 6005 -T5 aluminum alloy fittings all 304 stainless steel, high strength, corrosion resistance is good; most of the components pre-assembled before shipment, on-site without the need for drilling, cutting and other operations, simply adjust locking to complete the installation.

★ Preassembled more convenient than the 1st.

★ Price cheaper than 1# system low about 5% to 10%

Maximum Wind Speed 42m/s Snow Load 1.4KN/m2
High from ground 300mm-2000mm Materials Product uses aluminum alloy 6005-T5, all 304 stainless steel fittings
Tilt Angle 0-30
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