Diaphragm Pump ARO – USA

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Bơm màng Aro 666172-3EB-C

ARO diaphragm pumps are manufactured using modern technology, which is equipment that is applied in many different fields, from industry, to ceramic production… With cast iron body, santo diaphragm, this will It is a device that provides durability during use. The device is officially distributed at CTPSolar!

Details of Aro 666172-3EB-C diaphragm pump:

  • Product Model: 666172-3EB-C
  • Producer: Aro
  • Origin: United States (USA)
  • Flow: 340.7 (Liters/min)
  • Head: 8.3 (Bar)
  • Material: Cast Iron / Santo
  • Size: 1.5 inches
  • Energy: Compressed air



Applications of Aro diaphragm pumps are very diverse

  • The machine is used in industrial production: pumps to transport chemicals, corrosive materials, etc.
  • Pumping gasoline, flammable materials…
  • Suction pump for waste treatment at the factory, mud pump at the mine…
  • Pump paint, glue, raw materials with sticky viscosity.
  • Pump to transport dry powder, cement…
  • And many other specific applications…

Aro diaphragm pump has many outstanding advantages

  • It is a device made with modern technology, bringing a durable product
  • Pneumatic power suitable for many operating terrain
  • The machine is applied in a variety of fields, for high work efficiency
  • Machine structure with compact design, light weight, easy to move.
  • Aro 666172-3EB-C diaphragm pump has an easy installation, quick operation, durable…
  • The body is made of cast iron material, resistant to strong impacts…