Poly Solar Panels

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Tấm pin đa tinh thể - poly - Châu Thiên Phú

Poly Solar Polycarbonate Panels 10 Wp – 390Wp

Poly solar panels (Polycrystalline) have the function of absorbing sunlight from the sun. Convert solar energy to electricity, to produce direct current (DC).

+ Tempered glass used for solar panels
+ Poly polycrystalline cell cell: blue / black
+ Welding lead: small lead for welding between cells together and large lead to go to the main line
+ EVA glue * 2
+ TPT lining sheet white / black / blue
+ Aluminum frame is designed to be sturdy and silvery
+ Wire specialized for solar panels

Poly Solar Panel (Polycrystalline)

+ Production according to international standards

+ Commitment of performance up to 98%

+ 12-year physical warranty, 30-year performance warranty

+ Origin: Europe

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