PTFE Gaskets

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Ptfe Gaskets

Specifications: Heat resistant PTFE (Teflon) Gasket

  • Operating temperature: 230°C
  • Acid and alkali resistance, low coefficient of friction, non-viscous, non-corrosive
  • Tensile strength (elongation): 15.0mpa
  • Elasticity: 150%
  • Density: 2.10 – 2.30
  • Material: PTFE
  • Warranty: as specified by the manufacturer
  • Use in: Seals in high temperature environments

Teflon plastic, also known as PTFE plastic, has heat-resistant, chemical-resistant and non-adhesive properties. It creates a polymer that has a lot of good properties that other plastics don’t have. PTFE products such as sheets, tubes, rods, films, rods, tapes, washers, gaskets, seals, lathe molding machine details, soft tapes, flexible wires, etc.

Envelope PTFE Gasket is a gasket consisting of a flexible elastomer inner core material (such as: asbestos, non-asbestos, rubber) and an outer layer of teflon. It has outstanding properties for chemical applications, being unaffected by many chemicals (except for molten alkali metals and high temperature elemental fluorine).

Envelope PTFE Gasket is mainly used as gasket for heat tower, furnace trench, pipeline, equipment exposed to strong acid, corrosive liquid, halogen or pollution resistant food flange. Mainly in chemical manufacturing plants, distilleries, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical plants.

The EnvelopePTFE Gasket is similar to the high quality teflon products of Gore, Klinger, Garlock, and Teadit. Complies with the requirements of FDA21 CFR177.1550

Typical Features

The advantages of Envelope PTFE Gasket include: excellent resilience (recovery: ≥30%), outstanding mechanical strength, high bolting strength (Compressibility: ≥20%).
pH range from 0~14, chemical resistant, ozone resistant, ultraviolet ray, anti-aging, suitable for products exposed to chemicals, sunlight, outdoor weather…

Soft teflon plastic is non-toxic, has good chemical resistance (except for alkali metals and fluorine gas), so it is used in medicine, food, medical equipment, semiconductors, textiles, industries. mechanical engineering and many other fields.

Has high durability at high and low temperature, wide operating temperature range, can be used in continuous working temperature from -100ºC to 260ºC, pressure 50Mpa.

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